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PubMed Id Figure
Type Experimental Method Comment  
  17205969 4.A,B,C F High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC) RAP-DB Id for OsABA8ox1 (LOC_Os02g47470) - Os02g0703600. HPLC profiles showed that OsABA8ox1 protein degrades ABA to PA(phaseic acid) in vitro.  
  S. No. Locus Id 1 GO Id Dep. loc Dep. type From To Motif    
  1 LOC_Os02g47470 GO:0010295 # # # # #            
LOC_Os02g47470-cytochrome P450, putative, expressed
GO:0010295-(+)-abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase activity

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India