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PubMed Id Figure
Type Experimental method Comment  
  22382682 3.B F Stress tolerance assay spotting assay was done to measure stress tolerance with serial dilution of mid log cells of transformed and wild type yeast. treatment given with 20mM h2o2 for 1h.cell recovery of TF cells was higher than that of WT cells.  
  Row Col. Gene analysed Transgene Prom. Id Taxon Id Culti. Id /
Mutant Id Plant type Trans. Id Plant Ont. Env. Ont. Trait Ont. Relative grading  
  1 1 LOC_Os11g06720 # PR:100 4932 # # TC # #[#] EO:0007415 20mM 1h MCT:1000074 MCT:1000092 2  
  1 2 LOC_Os11g06720 LOC_Os11g06720 PR:100 4932 # # TOE # #[#] EO:0007415 20mM 1h MCT:1000074 MCT:1000092 1  
PR:100-ADH1 from yeast
4932-Saccharomyces cerevisiae
TC-Empty vector
TOE-Transgenic overexpression
EO:0007415-hydrogen peroxide
MCT:1000074-cell viability
MCT:1000092-cell death

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India