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PubMed Id Figure
Type Experimental method Comment  
  22589467 1.B F Gene expression analysis (transcription) : Quantitative RT-PCR RAP-db Id for OsNRAMP5 (LOC_Os07g15370)-Os07g0257200. Statistically significant difference was calculated by studentís test, at P < 0.01. RNA was extracted from the root tip (0 to 1 cm) or basal root region (1 to 2 cm).  
  Row Col. Gene analysed Transgene Prom. Id Taxon Id Culti. Id /
Mutant Id Plant type Trans. Id Plant Ont. Env. Ont. Trait Ont. Relative expression  
  1 1 LOC_Os07g15370 # # 39947 CU:100 # WT # PO:0000046[#] MCP:1000258[#] MCP:1000518[5d] # # 1
  1 2 LOC_Os07g15370 # # 39947 CU:100 # WT # PO:0000046[#] MCP:1000259[#] MCP:1000518[5d] # # 19.129751  
LOC_Os07g15370-metal transporter Nramp6, putative, expressed
39947-Oryza sativa japonica group
CU:100-cv. Nipponbare, cv. GA3, cv. Nipponbare / Japonica
WT-Wild Type
MCP:1000258-root segment, 1 cm from tip
MCP:1000259-root segment, 1-2cm from root tip
MCP:1000518-seedling development stage
PO:0000046-seminal root

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India