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Regulation details
PubMed Id Figure
Type Experimental method Comment  
  23411694 1.A F Morphological observation  
  Row Col. Gene analysed Transgene Prom. Id Taxon Id Culti. Id /
Mutant Id Plant type Trans. Id Plant Ont. Env. Ont. Trait Ont. Centimeter  
  1 1 LOC_Os01g16040 # # 39947 CU:100 # WT # PO:0008037[7d] # TO:0000207 1  
  1 2 LOC_Os01g16040 LOC_Os01g16040 # 39947 CU:100 # EMS # PO:0008037[7d] # TO:0000207 2  
LOC_Os01g16040-mitochondrial carrier protein, putative, expressed
39947-Oryza sativa japonica group
CU:100-cv. Nipponbare, cv. GA3, cv. Nipponbare / Japonica
EMS-chemically induced mutation
WT-Wild Type
TO:0000207-plant height

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India