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Basic information [Pfam DB] Graphical representation of the protein domains
S. No. Locus Id Protein Length Doman Start Domain End Pfam ID Domain Name
1 LOC_Os01g07120.1 282 81 132 PF00847.12 AP2
2 LOC_Os01g07120.2 275 74 125 PF00847.12 AP2
  The basic information is from RGAP and Pfam/InterPro databases

Gene model (download)
IR64 N22

Gene Expression (RNASeq data) in two varieties N22 & IR64 [FC=Fold Change]
N22 Flag-leaf FC
N22 Root FC
IR64 Flag-leaf FC
IR64 Root FC

Functional details
Molecular Function
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0003677 DNA binding (RGAP)
2 GO:0005515 protein binding (RGAP)
3 GO:0003700 sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity (RGAP)
Biological process
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0009414 response to water deprivation  
2 GO:0009651 response to salt stress  
3 GO:0009737 response to abscisic acid stimulus  
4 GO:0042538 hyperosmotic salinity response  
5 GO:0006950 response to stress (RGAP)
6 GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus (RGAP)
7 GO:0009058 biosynthetic process (RGAP)
8 GO:0006139 nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process (RGAP)
Cellular component
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0005634 nucleus (RGAP)

Environment details
S. No. EO Id EO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 EO:0007048 sodium chloride regimen (+)
2 EO:0007105 abscisic acid regimen (+)
3 EO:0007173 warm/hot temperature regimen (+)
4 EO:0007174 cold temperature regimen (+)
5 EO:0007383 watering regimen (+)
6 EO:0007404 drought environment (+)
7 MCE:1000016 polyethylene glycol (PEG) treatment (+)
8 MCE:1000285 recovery treatment from salt stress (+)
9 MCE:1000286 recovery treatment from drought stress (+)

Metabolic Pathway details
Not found

QTL details
S. No. QTL Id QTL Associated Trait
1 AQFE004 days to heading
2 AQFE003 days to heading
3 AQFE002 days to heading
4 AQFE001 days to heading
5 AQBV007 tiller angle
6 AQBK030 spikelet number
7 AQBK024 plant height
8 AQFW179 spikelet fertility
9 AQFW025 panicle length
10 CQN49 spikelet number
11 CQN3 soluble protein content
12 CQE3 plant height
13 CQE2 plant height
14 CQE6 specific leaf area
15 CQF2 soluble protein content
16 AQCW010 H2O2 content
17 AQCW002 chlorophyll content
18 AQGI162 biomass yield
19 AQGI160 biomass yield
20 AQGI008 root dry weight
21 AQGE026 grain weight
22 AQGE020 grain weight
23 AQGE014 cooked kernel elongation
24 AQAE009 leaf length
25 CQAJ24 grain weight
26 AQCQ029 grain number
27 AQDY009 panicle number
28 AQDY008 panicle number
29 AQDY005 panicle number
30 AQDY003 panicle number
31 AQCG001 male fertility restoration
32 AQCF029 1000-seed weight
33 AQCF028 spikelet number
34 AQCF027 filled grain number
35 AQCF016 spikelet number
36 AQCF015 filled grain number
37 AQCF002 spikelet number
38 AQCF001 filled grain number
39 AQA021 root number
40 CQAI24 root number
41 AQEA156 days to heading
42 AQEA155 days to heading
43 AQEA154 days to heading
44 AQEA153 days to heading
45 AQEA152 days to heading
46 AQEA151 days to heading
47 AQEA150 days to heading
48 AQBE042 tiller number
49 CQN53 spikelet number
50 CQN45 panicle weight
51 CQN28 leaf senescence
52 CQW1 spikelet number
53 AQBI001 days to heading

Plant developmental stage / tissue details
Plant development stage
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCP:1000518 seedling development stage (+)
2 PO:0007106 LP.03 three leaves visible (+)
3 PO:0007130 B reproductive growth (+)
Plant tissue/organ
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 PO:0000003 whole plant (+)
2 PO:0006339 juvenile leaf (+)
3 PO:0008037 seedling (+)
4 PO:0025034 leaf (+)
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
Not found

Trait details
S. No. TO Id TO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCT:1000012 survival rate (+)
2 MCT:1000557 effective tiller number (+)
3 TO:0000019 seedling height (+)
4 TO:0000085 leaf rolling (+)
5 TO:0000207 plant height (+)
6 TO:0000227 root length (+)
7 TO:0000272 plant survivability (+)
8 TO:0000280 seedling vigor (+)
9 TO:0000340 total soluble sugar content (+)
10 TO:0000446 leaf drying (+)
11 TO:0006002 proline content (+)

Physical interaction details
Interaction type: protein-protein
Not found
Interaction type: protein-DNA
Not found
Related publications [Sorted by year]

Cui Meng; Zhang Wenjiao; Zhang Qian; Xu Zhiqiang; Zhu Zhengge; Duan Faping; Wu Ray; Induced over-expression of the transcription factor OsDREB2A improves drought tolerance in rice. Plant physiology and biochemistry 2011:49
PMID [22078375]

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India