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Basic information [Pfam DB] Graphical representation of the protein domains
S. No. Locus Id Protein Length Doman Start Domain End Pfam ID Domain Name
1 LOC_Os03g60509.2 234 14 214 PF02431.7 Chalcone
  The basic information is from RGAP and Pfam/InterPro databases

Gene model (download)
IR64 N22

Gene Expression (RNASeq data) in two varieties N22 & IR64 [FC=Fold Change]
N22 Flag-leaf FC
N22 Root FC
IR64 Flag-leaf FC
IR64 Root FC

Functional details
Molecular Function
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0003824 catalytic activity (RGAP)
Biological process
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0009416 response to light stimulus  
2 GO:0009744 response to sucrose stimulus  
3 GO:0009749 response to glucose stimulus  
4 GO:0009719 response to endogenous stimulus (RGAP)
5 GO:0009058 biosynthetic process (RGAP)
6 GO:0009987 cellular process (RGAP)
7 GO:0019748 secondary metabolic process (RGAP)
8 GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus (RGAP)
Cellular component
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0005634 nucleus (RGAP)
2 GO:0005783 endoplasmic reticulum (RGAP)
3 GO:0016020 membrane (RGAP)
4 GO:0005773 vacuole (RGAP)

Environment details
S. No. EO Id EO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 EO:0007196 light regimen (+)
2 MCE:1000037 sucrose (+)
3 MCE:1000241 D-glucose (+)

Metabolic Pathway details
S. No. Pathway Id Pathway Description
1 PWY-5059 pinobanksin biosynthesis
2 PWY1F-FLAVSYN flavonoid biosynthesis

QTL details
S. No. QTL Id QTL Associated Trait
1 CQE26 carbon content
2 CQE27 grain number
3 CQF5 soluble protein content

Plant developmental stage / tissue details
Plant development stage
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCP:1000204 5 days post-anthesis stage (+)
2 MCP:1000288 7 days post-anthesis stage (+)
3 MCP:1000489 3 days post-anthesis stage (+)
4 MCP:1000518 seedling development stage (+)
5 MCP:1000533 early tillering stage (+)
6 MCP:1000534 late tillering stage (+)
Plant tissue/organ
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCP:1000160 middle part of root (+)
2 PO:0000003 whole plant (+)
3 PO:0000025 root tip (+)
4 PO:0009001 fruit (+)
5 PO:0009089 endosperm (+)
6 PO:0020103 flag leaf (+)
7 PO:0020104 leaf sheath (+)
8 PO:0025034 leaf (+)
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
Not found

Trait details
Not found

Physical interaction details
Interaction type: protein-protein
Not found
Interaction type: protein-DNA
Not found
Related publications [Sorted by year]

Chen Xiaoqiong; Itani Tomio; Wu Xianjun; Chikawa Yuuki; Irifune Kohei; Physiological factors affecting transcription of genes involved in the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in different rice varieties. Plant signaling & behavior 2014:8
PMID [24389954]

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India