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Searching for LOC_Os03g02260 [DnaK family protein, putative, expressed ]

Basic information [Pfam DB] Graphical representation of the protein domains
S. No. Locus Id Protein Length Doman Start Domain End Pfam ID Domain Name
1 LOC_Os03g02260.1 677 54 649 PF00012.12 HSP70
  The basic information is from RGAP and Pfam/InterPro databases

Gene model (download)
IR64 N22

Gene Expression (RNASeq data) in two varieties N22 & IR64 [FC=Fold Change]
N22 Flag-leaf FC
N22 Root FC
IR64 Flag-leaf FC
IR64 Root FC

Functional details
Molecular Function
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0000166 nucleotide binding (RGAP)
Biological process
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0006950 response to stress  
2 GO:0009408 response to heat  
3 GO:0009412 response to heavy metal  
4 GO:0009737 response to abscisic acid stimulus  
5 GO:0010039 response to iron ion  
6 GO:0010044 response to aluminum ion  
7 GO:0010288 response to lead ion  
8 GO:0019538 protein metabolic process (RGAP)
9 GO:0009987 cellular process (RGAP)
10 GO:0006950 response to stress (RGAP)
11 GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus (RGAP)
12 GO:0008150 biological_process (RGAP)
13 GO:0009607 response to biotic stimulus (RGAP)
Cellular component
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0005739 mitochondrion (RGAP)
2 GO:0016020 membrane (RGAP)
3 GO:0005773 vacuole (RGAP)
4 GO:0005618 cell wall (RGAP)
5 GO:0009536 plastid (RGAP)

Environment details
S. No. EO Id EO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 EO:0007048 sodium chloride regimen (+)
2 EO:0007105 abscisic acid regimen (+)
3 EO:0007173 warm/hot temperature regimen (+)
4 EO:0007242 iron nutrient regimen (+)
5 EO:0007332 cold air temperature regimen (+)
6 MCE:1000138 lead nitrate regimen (+)
7 MCE:1000222 aluminium chloride regimen (AlCl3) (+)

Metabolic Pathway details
Not found

QTL details
S. No. QTL Id QTL Associated Trait
1 AQFC001 elongation ability
2 CQE15 chlorophyll content
3 AQBI004 pollen fertility
4 AQFW219 leaf width
5 AQFW157 leaf width
6 AQFW095 leaf width
7 AQFW055 days to heading
8 AQFW039 days to heading
9 AQFW020 plant height
10 AQFW031 plant height
11 AQFW002 days to heading
12 AQFW007 plant height
13 AQCU104 spikelet fertility
14 AQCU003 days to heading
15 AQCU002 days to heading
16 AQCU001 days to heading
17 AQBT004 bacterial blight disease resistance
18 AQBT003 bacterial blight disease resistance
19 AQBT002 bacterial blight disease resistance
20 AQEK001 iron sensitivity
21 CQAR8 spikelet density
22 CQAR7 tiller number
23 AQDQ027 panicle length
24 AQDQ026 plant height
25 AQDQ025 plant height
26 AQDQ024 plant height
27 AQCN005 days to heading
28 CQAX17 plant height
29 CQAX32 plant height
30 AQEN003 blast disease resistance
31 AQFF025 days to flower
32 AQFF026 days to flower
33 AQFF024 days to flower
34 AQFF022 days to flower
35 AQFF023 days to flower
36 AQFF021 harvest index
37 AQFF019 harvest index
38 AQFF018 harvest index
39 AQFF017 harvest index
40 AQFF016 harvest index
41 DQF6 root penetration index
42 DQF10 penetrated root thickness
43 DQE48 relative water content
44 DQE36 relative growth rate
45 CQAX4 plant height
46 CQAI46 root dry weight
47 CQAI38 root volume
48 AQEN012 blast disease resistance
49 AQEA200 days to heading
50 AQEA201 days to heading
51 AQEA199 days to heading
52 AQEA198 days to heading
53 AQEA197 days to heading
54 AQEA196 days to heading
55 AQEA195 days to heading
56 AQEA194 days to heading
57 AQEA193 days to heading
58 AQEA192 days to heading
59 AQEA191 days to heading
60 AQEA190 days to heading
61 AQDV009 days to heading
62 AQEA189 days to heading
63 AQDR011 grain number
64 AQDR003 1000-seed weight
65 AQDQ023 spikelet number
66 AQBV008 leaf angle
67 AQBE054 tiller number
68 AQAS007 days to maturity
69 AQAS001 days to flower
70 CQAE2 days to heading

Plant developmental stage / tissue details
Plant development stage
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCP:1000518 seedling development stage (+)
Plant tissue/organ
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 PO:0008037 seedling (+)
2 PO:0009005 root (+)
3 PO:0025034 leaf (+)
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
Not found

Trait details
Not found

Physical interaction details
Interaction type: protein-protein
Not found
Interaction type: protein-DNA
Not found
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Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India