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Searching for LOC_Os03g26820 [LTPL52 - Protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family protein precursor, expressed ]

Basic information [Pfam DB] Graphical representation of the protein domains
S. No. Locus Id Protein Length Doman Start Domain End Pfam ID Domain Name
1 LOC_Os03g26820.1 179 40 120 PF00234.14 Tryp_alpha_amyl
  The basic information is from RGAP and Pfam/InterPro databases

Gene model (download)
IR64 N22

Gene Expression (RNASeq data) in two varieties N22 & IR64 [FC=Fold Change]
N22 Flag-leaf FC
N22 Root FC
IR64 Flag-leaf FC
IR64 Root FC

Functional details
Molecular Function
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0008289 lipid binding (RGAP)
Biological process
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0009725 response to hormone stimulus  
2 GO:0009739 response to gibberellin stimulus  
3 GO:0006810 transport (RGAP)
Cellular component
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0005886 plasma membrane (RGAP)
2 GO:0016020 membrane (RGAP)

Environment details
S. No. EO Id EO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 EO:0007198 water environment (+)
2 EO:0007204 1-naphthaleneacetic acid (+)
3 MCE:1000023 benzyl aminopurine (BPA) (+)
4 MCE:1000288 GA3 gibberellin (+)

Metabolic Pathway details
Not found

QTL details
S. No. QTL Id QTL Associated Trait
1 AQFE071 100-grain weight
2 AQFE072 100-grain weight
3 AQFE073 100-grain weight
4 CQE18 yield
5 AQDY051 culm length
6 AQBU001 green leafhopper resistance
7 AQDY053 panicle length
8 AQED021 panicle length
9 AQED022 panicle length
10 AQGE016 cooked kernel elongation
11 AQGI176 biomass yield
12 AQBG008 white-backed planthopper resistance
13 AQHE034 root thickness
14 AQBY006 root to shoot ratio
15 AQDK011 panicle number
16 CQB4 plant height
17 AQB005 cool paste viscosity
18 AQBX007 panicle weight
19 AQBX008 panicle weight
20 AQBX026 panicle weight
21 AQBX027 panicle weight
22 AQDV017 harvest index
23 AQDV042 plant height
24 AQDV047 panicle length
25 AQDV056 1000-seed weight
26 AQG002 plant height
27 AQG006 panicle length
28 CQAB19 plant height
29 CQAB20 plant height
30 CQAB21 plant height
31 CQAB22 plant height
32 CQAB23 plant height
33 CQAB24 plant height
34 CQAX18 plant height
35 CQZ4 plant height
36 DQE18 leaf rolling
37 CQAS27 plant height
38 AQFA007 grain length
39 AQFA014 grain length to width ratio
40 CQE17 seed dormancy
41 AQEJ061 leaf area
42 AQEJ063 leaf width
43 AQEJ065 leaf width
44 AQEJ071 leaf width
45 AQEJ073 leaf length to width ratio
46 CQAW8 root number
47 CQE26 carbon content
48 CQE27 grain number
49 CQF5 soluble protein content
50 AQCK007 days to heading
51 CQE16 days to heading
52 AQAL004 deep root dry weight
53 AQAL010 deep root to shoot ratio
54 AQGC006 penetrated root number
55 AQGC012 penetrated root number
56 AQGC015 root penetration index
57 AQDL005 stomatal closure time
58 AQCU106 spikelet fertility

Plant developmental stage / tissue details
Plant development stage
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCP:1000173 inflorescence 5-10cm stage (+)
2 MCP:1000176 inflorescence 22-30cm stage (+)
3 MCP:1000518 seedling development stage (+)
4 MCP:1000521 mature plant stage (+)
Plant tissue/organ
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 PO:0008037 seedling (+)
2 PO:0009005 root (+)
3 PO:0009047 stem (+)
4 PO:0009049 inflorescence (+)
5 PO:0025034 leaf (+)
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
Not found

Trait details
Not found

Physical interaction details
Interaction type: protein-protein
Not found
Interaction type: protein-DNA
Not found
Related publications [Sorted by year]

Ma Tengfei; Ma Haoli; Zhao Heming; Qi Huandong; Zhao Jie; Identification, characterization, and transcription analysis of xylogen-like arabinogalactan proteins in rice (Oryza sativa L.). BMC plant biology 2014:14
PMID [25407280]

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi-110021, India