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Searching for LOC_Os05g25850 [superoxide dismutase, mitochondrial precursor, putative, expressed ]

Basic information [Pfam DB] Graphical representation of the protein domains
S. No. Locus Id Protein Length Doman Start Domain End Pfam ID Domain Name
1 LOC_Os05g25850.1 232 30 111 PF00081.14 Sod_Fe_N
2 LOC_Os05g25850.1 232 118 226 PF02777.10 Sod_Fe_C
3 LOC_Os05g25850.2 196 30 111 PF00081.14 Sod_Fe_N
4 LOC_Os05g25850.2 196 118 163 PF02777.10 Sod_Fe_C
  The basic information is from RGAP and Pfam/InterPro databases

Gene model (download)
IR64 N22

Gene Expression (RNASeq data) in two varieties N22 & IR64 [FC=Fold Change]
N22 Flag-leaf FC
N22 Root FC
IR64 Flag-leaf FC
IR64 Root FC

Functional details
Molecular Function
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0003824 catalytic activity (RGAP)
2 GO:0005488 binding (RGAP)
Biological process
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0010272 response to silver ion  
2 GO:0008152 metabolic process (RGAP)
3 GO:0006950 response to stress (RGAP)
4 GO:0009987 cellular process (RGAP)
5 GO:0009607 response to biotic stimulus (RGAP)
6 GO:0008150 biological_process (RGAP)
7 GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus (RGAP)
8 GO:0000003 reproduction (RGAP)
9 GO:0009791 post-embryonic development (RGAP)
10 GO:0009790 embryo development (RGAP)
Cellular component
S. No. GO Id GO Description
1 GO:0005739 mitochondrion (RGAP)

Environment details
S. No. EO Id EO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 EO:0007404 drought environment (+)
2 MCE:1000091 methyl viologen/paraquat (+)
3 MCE:1000226 panhematin (hemin) (+)
4 MCE:1000227 carbon monoxide regimen (+)
5 MCE:1000294 ammonium chloride (NH4) (+)
6 MCE:1000340 silver nanoparticles (+)

Metabolic Pathway details
S. No. Pathway Id Pathway Description
1 PWY-361 phenylpropanoid biosynthesis

QTL details
S. No. QTL Id QTL Associated Trait
1 CQAX34 plant height
2 AQBK013 days to heading
3 CQAS60 seed number
4 CQAS61 seed set percent
5 CQAS64 seed number
6 CQAS62 1000-seed weight
7 DQC9 penetrated root number
8 AQDQ044 seed weight
9 AQDQ045 seed weight
10 AQDQ046 plant height
11 AQDR006 1000-seed weight
12 CQAO12 1000-seed weight
13 CQAV8 osmotic adjustment capacity
14 AQEN004 blast disease resistance
15 CQAW17 root number
16 AQFP012 culm length
17 AQFP032 culm length
18 AQCU153 spikelet number
19 AQCU186 days to heading
20 AQFW122 spikelet fertility
21 AQC016 penetrated to total root ratio
22 AQEI079 leaf senescence
23 AQEI111 leaf senescence
24 CQE40 yield
25 AQFP018 culm strength
26 AQE041 grain yield per panicle
27 AQGS009 panicle length
28 AQT005 panicle length
29 AQBK016 days to heading
30 CQAS56 panicle length
31 CQAS59 spikelet density
32 AQEP016 seedling vigor

Plant developmental stage / tissue details
Plant development stage
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 MCP:1000518 seedling development stage (+)
2 MCP:1000521 mature plant stage (+)
Plant tissue/organ
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
1 PO:0008037 seedling (+)
2 PO:0009005 root (+)
3 PO:0009006 shoot system (+)
4 PO:0009046 flower (+)
5 PO:0025034 leaf (+)
S. No. PO Id PO Description Presence(+) or absence(-) of gene expression /activity
Not found

Trait details
Not found

Physical interaction details
Interaction type: protein-protein
Not found
Interaction type: protein-DNA
Not found
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