IRDb or ‘Indica Rice Database’ is a compilation of genome level data generated from 5 indica rice (Oryza sativa L spp. indica) varieties/cultivars. The database is conceived with a view to aid comparative analysis at global as well as at individual gene level. The current release of the database provides data from indica rice varieties contrasting in their ability to withstand drought. Two of the varieties i.e. IR64 and Pusa Basmati 1 are relatively sensitive, while, Nagina 22, Anjali and Vandana are drought tolerant. The database provides draft genome sequences for all the five varieties based on reference assembly against the high quality ‘japonica’ genome. These can be searched through BLAST analysis or downloaded. The assembly data is provided both as a ‘fasta’ file as well as a ‘BAM’ file, which can be used to visualize the assemblies. Further, gene models have been identified in all the 5 genomes based on the annotations for Oryza sativa L spp. japonica cv. Nipponbare available at ‘Rice genome annotation database’. These gene models can be searched online or downloaded freely for analysis. A global comparative analysis depicting the extent of conservation of all the gene models in the 5 varieties is also available. All the gene models have been integrated with the QTLs identified throughout the rice genome. Thus, one can easily correlate the constituent genes within a QTL and assess their extent of conservation in all the 5 varieties vis a vis japonica. Besides this RNA seq data from two varieties i.e N22 and IR64 from different tissues under control and drought conditions is also provided.